Analysis of Psycho

The famous sequence of Psycho is the murder of Janet Leigh in the shower, the most striking and memorable of, in my opinion of the bad book of Bloch, by assuming a totally unexpected situation that causes the reader a big impact. Around this sequence Hitchcock wrote that he considered his greatest play with the viewer. A movie that only cost $ 800,000 and ended up becoming his biggest hit, besides the most remembered of his extensive filmography film.


The movie consist in taking the viewer in different direction in the argument demonstrating a sense of humor unusual-indeed, initially Psycho was raised as a comedy-, to turn to what until then Hitchcock considered suspense. In fact, the first third of the film is built on this premise, which the audience knows and know the character.


From suspense to horror



After a presentation of Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) and her lover (John Gavin), in a very sexual sequence, and the only time that a woman comes in bra in a Hitchcock movie, the first sees the opportunity to improve their life next to his partner, and thus steal the amount of $ 40,000 -curiously Anthony Perkins salary for his participation –of his bosses office and ran away in his car. All that stretch responds to what we are used to the director, a MacGuffin, money, and empathize with a character that has had to resort to theft.



The appearance of a police road car change, Hitchcock manages sequences with impeccable view, as we think about how they are going to catch her with money. Before making a stop at the most famous motel in the Hitchcock film history, he introduces an element that today is very common to use, but here it shines in all its splendor: the rain. normally used as a dramatic element here resembles a door, a transition to what looks like a cinematic nightmare, pure and simple terror, completely changing the tone of the film when entering Norman Bates scene with a quite different aspect of the book.


From that moment all hide data about taking the viewer on what is happening there, and that is much more effective than in the book in which the narrator lies literally. And having Hitchcock as the biggest liar in the history of cinema, it is stand out with the universe represented at the motel, misleading harshly, but also in a very justified to a spectator who attends terrorized a film that gives a twist 180 degrees after the famous murder and focuses on the character of Bates



A change in the point of view, and thus a shocked audience that now empathizes with Bates to some extent. After the murder and meticulous cleaning the bathroom, which responds to the maniacal order in real life the director-, Bates hides everything in the car and Marion sinks into a swamp. Hitchcock bury our noses one MacGuffin $ 40,000 that until that moment were the engine of history.



Everything that comes after is in memory of any film fan that claims to be one. A loving and worried sister, a very curious detective and that final surprise in the basement, and today continue to impact as the first day. All that part, I emphasize, without disadvantage to the rest it would be impossible the moment when Bates takes his mother down to the basement to prevent a hazard. That traveling that goes up from the hall of the house, while Hitchcock

Introduces a conversation in off between Bates and his mother to distract the viewer who, when he realizes, keeps the whole scene in an unforgettable low-angle shot.


‘Psycho’ is a solid demonstration of what Hitchcock considered pure and simple film, narrative language becomes more alive than ever, something that still finds more enthusiasm in the second viewings of the film, when one already knows the mystery. The film still works perfectly and takes new degrees in the interpretation of Anthony Perkins, this character would forever mark actor, but it gives an especially gestural interpretation master class. Let us note as a significant example the final sequence.





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