“A suicide movie”

Suicide Squad was one of the most expected movies in the 2016. For the fans of DC comics watching the anti-hero group in the big screen was a dream come true. However, there are many points, which this film was really a suicide movie. Let´s start for the plot. How the villains were recruiting was a really good strategy, showing a little background of each character and why makes him so especially for the group. The story takes the lead and makes it interesting. Nevertheless, there is always a villain to fight in every comic movie, but in this case the main character are the villains so quiet difficult to choose a bigger villain or might choosing a hero instead.


But choosing a villain, which was “The enchantress”, played by Cara Delavigne was not very an interesting point. She also appears a lot in the film and is one of the main villains. However, its history is dreadful, which is a major problem in the third act of the film, when basically everything related to it. The film ignores almost completely during most of the time, to suddenly focus entirely on it, and this feels weird. Could have been if the goal was another one than “conquer the world”, which is exhausting to watch it in such movie. Perhaps, given the villain a better reason to fight the squad would have been more attractive.


Another point to refer is the main character. Who is the main character? And what the action behind? We thought that based on the trailer The Joker could have been the main problem but it was not. Might be Batman, but it wasn’t (we barely see him in two or three cameos). Was it Harley Quinn, or Deadshoot? For such a big group we might think that one of these characters would be the main character, which unfolds the action of ending, but it didn’t. Good character but the writer didn’t develop them to the fullest. Moreover, we have The Joker; people were excited to see Jared Letto performance as the new Joker. I believe that at least 50% of the fans wanted to go to the cinema and watch the Joker. However, we only saw him 10 min in the entire movie, very disappointing, for huge character.


I don´t really see the point to include a powerful character as the Joker to be just a few minutes, if the writer try to make the viewer anxious to see more, he achieved it, however that comes with the feeling of emptiness combined with frustration. Following the criticism by the “dark side” of Batman vs. Superman, Suicide Squad includes more sequences of humor, accompanied by a soundtrack that adds Queen classics. For example, the famous “Seven Nation Army ” that sounds when the computer becomes an army. Each song is a marvel in itself, but when you put them together during the film may be meaningless clashes with each other.


The humor do not take away the poor weight to the story, making it necessary breaks within the overall plot. Moreover, the film tries to delineate the characters beyond their “dark side”, but achieved only with the roles of Will Smith ( Deadshot ) , Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) and Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flagg ) . Some of the members of the squad were almost unnoticed; their stories do not achieve further development and proximity to the viewer. The tape will secure roles and actors with celebrity cameos and superheroes that add points to the tape. It also prepares the way for Justice League, the next DC comic action movie.


We saw some interesting point and new thing about this adaptation; Women are the strong point of the story. Margot Robbie takes sighs, laughter and refreshes the screen like Harley Quinn delirious, while Viola Davis proves his career in the skin of the hard Amanda Waller, the powerful woman who manages to gather the bad guys. She, from the side of the US government, leaves open the question of who are the real villains. It feels like a movie B , of low budget , which is certainly full of action and effects but no longer than a film B. It feels like David Ayer had too many parts that play and ended up creating something disappointing.











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