The methamphetamine of Breaking Bad

The second season of Breaking bad has arrived and we have a new story based on Tuco Salamanca. The episode 2 of the season 2 is called “Grilled”. For those who followed the series the story is quiet clear however, for first viewers may not be that clear. Chemistry is something that we have outside and inside in our bodies. The emotions that we experience are the result of chemical reactions in our brains, and that is something that seems perfectly in control for the writers of this TV monument that is Breaking Bad. In his first season they showed that by mixing a charismatic character like Walter White with a bizarre, hilarious, amazing, funny and film history with drops and black humor produced a great pleasure when he came to the brainstem. In his second season they have considered new substances to have a better chemical reaction that is the methamphetamine of Breaking Bad.


In particular the second episode we have the first scene where we can see some landscape, bullets, crash windows and a car (lowrider) that is jumping. The first thing that comes to my mind is confusion. There is no point to have that scene in particular until you reach the end of the episode and then you can link both scenes. Nevertheless, you might already forget the first scene of the episode, which in my opinion is not relevant. I´m thinking that the viewers may think more in what would to Walt and Jesse or even to Tuco´s uncle that could be a potential witness or something. Could be a good strategy to keep the audience with intrigue but I believe is more to fill a few minutes to the screen.


However we still have the drops humor that we saw in the first season. In this occasion I found the relationship between Tuco and his uncle. That black humor mixed with blood, who cannot have a hard time every time the old man rings the bell? Masterly, indeed,

Because we do not know if the uncle could speak o will speak in some moment until we hear the firs ring of the bell which we do not know exactly what it means until Tuco explains it. However in the sound of the ring bell became a little bit annoying in some point.


This particular story has a lot of information, lot of dialogues, which could overcharge the viewer, especially if you see this chapter for the first time. Too much dialogues Between Hank and other characters such as Skyler, Marie and the DEA team. However, the writer had a brilliant idea too smooth things out by adding some small jokes such as when Hank is talking with his team and encourage them to capture Tuco with a “hell yeah” , after a little of his criminal background, but in the end he said “they ain´t gonna find him”. Also, when he is in Skyler´s house making assumptions about the reason of a second mobile phone of Walt and Marie added “Quimiotherapy Marihuana goes together like apple pie and Chevrolet”. So it is a good strategy to release some big information with a piece of humor so the viewer could refresh their attention and not get overload.


After the writer includes so many dialogues and black humor, the only thing that was missing was of course the piece of action. Although, it wasn´t that big. At the end we saw a gun shooting between Hank and Tuco, however it would have been a better idea to make it longer. In my opinion avoiding those large scenes where Skyler were delivering missing papers of Hanks would have add one more minute of action in the screen to have a better fight worthy of a TV cop and a drug dealer. There is no doubt that Breaking Bad have a god story, however this chapter was charge of information which no everyone could follow. The writer might think of create the first episodes of heaps of information to give little by little more action to the characters and story, so the end would be worthy to watch.







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