Mad Men: Smoke gets in your eyes

The first episode of this story could tell us that might be worth it to continue watching this tv serie. First of all we have the main action that is how to advertise a cigarette product without tell the society that is harmful for your health and could cause cancer. From my point of view is really interesting how is this possible and how people still consume this product, knowing that could kill you in the future. This question might arise to the viewer, and create a curious desire to know how is this possible and how advertising is part of our society and in our lives.

Secondly, we have a deeper story that is unfolding little by little. How explores the human behavior in a society where advertising managers are an accurate example of the hypocrisies. How the main characters are the sellers, artist of manipulation, some of them copy writers in the world of marketing, are the clear picture of wishes, dreams and reaction of man.

Finally, we have the characters, which have an interesting story and most of the viewer would like to know more. Don Draper, Peggy Olsen, Roger Sterling, Pete Campbell, Betty Francis or Joan Harris to mention a few, show us the reflection of many conflict that a human being could experienced, such as the identity crisis, the struggle to be accepted and to overcome our insecurities. Personally this is where the essence of the program lies.

The strategy that the story is located in New York, USA is not just by coincidence. In the 1960 this city was the center of all the finance, publishing and everything that was related to advertising agencies worked in there. It makes sense the reason why writer choose that place and we know what is coming if the show continue and what could happened In New York in the 70´s. Because of that the story could take another direction and make it more interesting. It is hard to make some conclusion in the first episode of this intriguing story. However, the nature of the plot could lead that someone would end in a personal crisis, maybe more than one. For this reason the overcome of problem might be a good factor for the viewer.

By this time we know that we have a text that have potential to become popular and please the viewer. The style on how is recreate it in the screen could be boring at the beginning, old fashion location and music. Because of this some of us could just change the channel and start watching something with more action and blood. It is believe that if some product is not attractive in the first 5 minutes, then you have the risk of not sell it.

It might be the case for this show for some people and for another may wanted to watch the first episode again just to understand more the story and how is developed. However, as the story progresses we discover more actions, maintaining the same style, some pause moments to watch the details in every shot and makes us wonder why is it film in the first place. Because every single shot has a meaning.

Despite the quality of such rich text based on the story and characters it is important to mention that we only have seen one episode. One side chapter of the book that might be good or bad. From my point of view this serie has more than one reason to follow it, like the story, want to know more about the character because they are hiding their true “me” for some reason ( that would be know sooner or later) and also how the main character, Don Draper, ( apparently he is, so far) is going to manage the campaign of cigarettes, which seemed quiet impossible to manage but he came with a solution. I am sure that more of these problematic campaigns are going to appear and would be interest what kind of thing he would do and what tools would he use.






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