Johnny Depp surprises Pink in Jimmy Kimmel program

If you have your celebrity crush next to you, you probably could not be more happy and enthusiastic, unless … if you are celebrity.

That happened to Pink, who was in the program of Jimmy Kimmel and said that his platonic was Johnny Depp, whom met at a record store due to her husband, who could not miss the opportunity to bother his wife a little bit:

“I said, ‘don´t do this, I don´t want to know him’ but he made me do it,” said Pink. “I think it did not go well. I went to him and said, ‘Hey, I saw Alice, I’ll write a song’ and he asked me, ‘Did you see Alice Cooper?’ And I said, ‘no no no, I saw the movie, Alice”.

But she didn´t  imagine that the same Jimmy Kimmel had a surprise for her. Johnny Depp was also in his studio and invited him after Pink confessed she liked him .

He entered, greeted Pink and in an unexpected twist, also greeted Jimmy a pretty loving way (as it has done in the past):


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