Adam Sandler meets his double, which has an amazing story

This may 27, Netflix will show to the public the second film interpreted by Adam Sandler, named “The Do Over”. In this movie he plays a guy named Max Kessler, who is reunited with his friend after many years, they will fake their own deaths to escape their boring lives and adopt new identities.

The story is that the name Max Kessler really exist and there is a certain individual with that name…and is just like Adam Sandler! Can you believe it?

It all started on Reddit, when some fans of the actor told him that a guy named Max Kessler became really popular for his incredible resemblance to the actor. For this reason, Adam contacted him and challenged him to a game of taking pictures of silly faces to see if they look-alike. And the result?  He invited to the Avant Premiere of ‘The Do Over’, where they finally meet in person.

Clearly, an amazing story.


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