Mind-game film


In relation with a mind-game films, I believe that more than one can remember (most of it) the movie Inception, directed by Christopher Nolan. Personally a masterpiece which include incredibles shots, photography and why not performance. There is no doubt that this plays with a lot of visual concepts of the subconscious, is a kind of dramatisation of the sleep process where you can be involved in creating a capacity limited by your own world. Due to this there are many parts of the movie that the spectator has to bring them together to do the puzzle.

Not only are two parallels words ( the real one and the dream) for the characters, also for the audience which at the beginning is not clear where is located the action. Also in the ending there is an mystery which Cobb (Leonardo Di Caprio) returns to the real world of still in a dream. Because of this kind of scenes the audience might confuse or disoriented but also can play as a card which the spectator wants to question himself about this kind of film. Which is the real aim to Inception? What is the real ending? is a challenge for them that wants to engage more to in the film. Another thing that keeps me thinking is the name of Cobb´s wife, Mal. Which, translated in spanish means “evil” and who appears in every dream as a product of the subconscious, then it appears on the missions in other dreams brining chaos and destruction.

So the question is that it was just a coincidence the name or it was on purpose. And and evil could represent a virus which might infected you, similar what Cobb was saying in the movie.



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