A trip to perception

Each type of cinema could provide different emotions, senses and reactions in the human body. To bring this out I will make an example based on the short film of Pixar Luxo Jr. The first film of Pixar shows two lamp: one bigger than the other. At first the audience could not understand what happen until the second lamps appears, then the understanding of the role of each lamp becomes clearer: father and child. Furthermore, this includes the spectatorial space such as the sound, which may enveloped the spectator in a familiar environment. But there are some events that our perception engages a father and child role. At the end of the short film the bigger lamp move his head side to side and then looked down making reference that something is wrong or he is disappointing. This image gives the audience a better comprehension of the role of each lamp. Because of when we were child more that one time our father gave us the same expression.


On the other hand we have Trip to the Moon by Georges Méliès. Much older that Luxo Jr. and different perception for the audience. From the point that the film is in handed colored and have some special effects. However, it took more time to interpretive the coherence of the short film. We have magic, fiction and science. Due to this the spectator could experience different senses of vision, sound and tactility.

  • Elsaesser, T. and Hagener, M. (n.d.). Film theory. pp. 2-12

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